All Caleon tequilas begin with the finest 100% blue Weber agave sourced from the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Free from artificial flavors or added sugar, our agave undergoes a transformation steeped in time-honored tradition.

Slow-Roasting in Traditional Brick Ovens: Caleon takes pride in preserving the authentic flavors of our agave through a meticulous roasting process. The blue agave weber is slow-cooked for an impressive 36 to 54 hours in centuries-old brick ovens. This deliberate, unhurried approach prevents caramelization, softens the fibers, and transforms carbohydrates into fermentable sugars. The result is a tequila that retains the sweet, natural mellow flavors of the carefully cultivated agave.

Pure Elegance, Reverse Osmosis, and Fermentation: Once roasted to perfection, the agave is gently squeezed, releasing the sweet nectar. This nectar undergoes a meticulous washing process in reverse osmosis, de-ionized water, ensuring purity and clarity. Caleon's fermentation process then unfolds over an extended 48 to 60 hours, far exceeding the industry average. This unhurried fermentation allows us to develop a full-bodied tequila, unlocking a depth of flavor that sets us apart from the rest.

Double-Distilled for Perfection: To achieve a smooth, ultra-premium flavor, Caleon tequilas undergo a double-distillation process. This careful refinement enhances the purity and elegance of our spirits, delivering a taste that transcends expectations. Each drop is then lovingly bottled in hand-blown glass crafted in Mexico, adding a touch of authenticity with every pour.

In every glass of Caleon, savor the culmination of centuries-old traditions, the finest agave, and a commitment to excellence that defines the essence of ultra-premium tequila. Elevate your moments with Caleon – where every sip is a journey into the heart of Mexico's tequila-making legacy.

All Caleon tequilas are yours to discover!